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Ministry Opportunities

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As an Outreach Ministry dedicated to connecting Men, Women & Families in our Community who are facing similar struggles and wanting to break free from the chains that confine them, our program is designed to help them find peace, hope, and healing in their lives while gathering at events

and activities within our Community.

Other ways to get involved


Community Outreach Events

We plan to host regular events to serve and connect with our community such as Car/Bike Shows, handing out Bibles, and so much more!


Dual Recovery Gatherings

2nd Thursday of each Month

Casual, Judgement-Free group for individuals and families dealing with addiction, recovery, grief, and other life challenges. 

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Mentorship & Baptisms

Our mentorship program connects individuals in our community with mentors who have overcome similar struggles. 

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Prayer Requests

We believe in the power of prayer. Send prayer requests by contacting us at: or contact Gunny at (980) 371-6131

Volunteer Opportunities

Contact us at
Join Us In Ministering to Others!


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